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cute things from me to you!

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Welcome to my selling journal!


♥ I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENTS. I can accept all kinds of payment (Paypal funds, direct bank transfer, debit and credit cards) with my premier account. NO CONCEALED CASH, NO MONEY ORDERS, NO PERSONAL CHECKS, UNLESS I HAVE DEALT WITH YOU BEFORE. i'm sorry, i've been deadbeated too many times.

♥ I have 100% positive feedback on ebay! Look up hooveraardvark. I also have lots of positive feedback on this journal and can provide references from tons of lj sellers. If you buy from me, please leave feedback after you receive your item. I WILL NEVER DELETE OR ALTER FEEDBACK COMMENTS. If you have a problem with your order, don't hesitate to contact me, either by email or commenting! Please contact me before leaving negative feedback, I will do my very best to set things right!


♥ PARCEL POST SHIPPING FOR THE US IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICES. If you are from another country, please tell me so I can recalculate the shipping. Usually it's only a few dollars more. For example, using two countries I ship to often, shipping to the UK is only $2-3 additional if items are not heavy; for Singapore, usually shipping is $3-4 additional for lighter items. Shipping has gone up recently, so it may be a bit more than it was in the past, sadly.

♥ Feel free to ask questions, but don't say you want an item if you won't actually pay for it. I will post your username in reportthem. However, I am happy to provide measurements and attempt to take better pictures.

♥ I do delete comments occasionally (NOT FEEDBACK COMMENTS). It's just to keep things clean - I get rid of comments for stuff that has been received, and for cancelled transactions.

♥ Items will be mailed out as fast as possible, but I ask you to be patient. I have a full time job, the post office isn't open that late, and I can usually only mail before 1 pm on Saturday, and sometimes on Friday afternoons. Rest assured that I will get it out as soon as possible! At the most it will take two weeks. But I think almost all of the time, I will be able to get it out within a week.

♥ No trades at the moment, sorry, except for items on my trade list. For future reference, you can see more of the stuff I'm looking for in my "About Me" post.

♥ You can make an offer if you think a price is too high. However, I try to sell most things for under $20. Rest assured, you are getting a good deal! I will cut off some dollars for a large order. All orders get free gifts! Please don't offer insultingly low prices, it wastes everyone's time.

♥ If an item arrives broken, i can offer you something else from my store as a replacement. I will only give refunds in extreme circumstances. I am not responsible for items that are lost in the mail. I send all items by first class mail or parcel post normally, if you want delivery confirmation or insurance, that will be extra money. Nothing has been lost yet! All international orders are sent by airmail, I will not send by international parcel post, as it takes months and stuff gets lost way too often. I can send by EMS for international orders if you want insurance and tracking, but it is quite expensive and you must cover the cost.

♥ These items are from a pet and smoke free home. Everything is in good to never used condition. I will not sell stuff that is really worn out. This includes shoes.

I also have a banner below that you can use to help promote my little shop! If you would like to swap banners please leave me a comment, or email me.

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