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[Jul. 22nd, 2006|10:23 pm]

I'm just a shopaholic who really needs to unload her stuff! I love fashion, including haute couture, kitsch, Japanese street fashion, subculture styles, and vintage. Needless to say, I've accumulated a lot of junk over the years. My prices are very reasonable. Please feel free to browse! The shop is divided into various categories, all pretty self-explanatory.


Please check out my userinfo for my RULES!

Below is my banner if you would like to promote me or swap with me! Just leave a comment below or email me if you would like to swap!

i will only trade for the following items:

- kenzo parfum d'ete
- mac blush in empire
- JEFFREY CAMPBELL SHOES, especially the alexa wedge in black/grey/or white (size 6 or 6.5 for all of these shoes)
- japanese brand items, especially q-pot (and esp. q-pot strawberry resin bracelet)
- putumayo black bunny necklace (or black bunny necklaces in general, show me what you've got)
- vivienne westwood jewelry and bag replicas (or real if you have it), or other designer jewelry, real or replica (dior, chanel, etc., esp. hair accessories)
- chandelier-shaped pendants
- cute suitcases
- cool etsy-type handmade items
- specific back issues of comic art 1, 4-5; dirty found #1; hi-fructose 1-7; lula #1; make issues 6-8; worn issues 1 and 2
- back issues of bust, venus, readymade, selvedge, haute doll, fashion doll quarterly (fdq), the imp, peko peko
- back issues of fashion mags like dazed and confused, pop, lurve, A, self service, purple, V, another magazine, prim
- comic books, art books, fashion books, children's books with illustrations
- criterion collection or out of print dvds
- shade taeyang w/stock
- azone doll clothing (i prefer lolita styles but may be interested in others)
- full re-ment and megahouse sets (just show me what you have)

I really like deer, ballerinas, card suit symbols, red, mushrooms, strawberries, fruit in general, Japanese brands (yeah, i'm a snob/bad person), rhinestones, Star Wars, big purses, mod '60s style (most vintage styles from all periods), post-punk, Marc Jacobs-style stuff, some designer replica items, silver jewelry, grey, flowers, elegant styles a la audrey hepburn/jackie o . . . I don't have pierced ears, I am short but medium/large (roughly size 9/10), with size 6 feet.