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LAST CHANCE SALE! [Sep. 1st, 2009|02:49 pm]
i am moving in a week, so you have only 7 days to take part in this sale! for ANY purchase, you can pick an item $5 or under for free - if you spend a $50 or more, you can pick TWO items $5 or under for free! also, you will get another surprise free gift no matter what! as always, prices are negotiable, but please be respectful and remember that i already sell most things quite cheap and must cover shipping.

if you like you can look at my flickr and let me know if there's anything there you're interested in.

prices include shipping by parcel post w/i the US. if you want insurance or delivery confirmation it will be a bit extra. same for shipping outside the US. please see my profile for general information, i have a feedback post also. i am happy to take additional photos or measurements. i cannot try on all the clothes for pics since they don't all fit me right now. SOME PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED! NO TRADES.

prices are negotiable, especially if you buy more than one item. bigger discounts for bigger purchases! please remember that i have to cover shipping when making offers.

rhinestone strawberry necklace from izutsuya web shop, $12.

red heart card ring from heart e, $15.

red present ring from yesstyle.com, $16.

meta thumbelina cutsew, worn only a few times, $30 $25 w/insured shipping.

A+ lidel strawberry cutsew. this has been worn several times but is still in good condition, just with some normal wear/fading. $25 $22.

bananafish skull princess shirt, $20, has been worn a fair amount.

red metamorphose bear coat, $290 $275 with insured shipping (originally $300 and has been worn very briefly once). hood can be replaced with collar and fur trim on cuffs is detachable. heart on back is also detachable.

meta polka dot petticoats, $65 each, $120 for both w/insured shipping. they are not super poofy but they give just the right amount of fluff.

meta girly note skirt, comes with underskirt and detachable bow and belt. matches the girly note poodle cutsew! $130 $120 with insured shipping.

emily temple cute jsk - gorgeous and detailed! in great shape, $230 $210 w/insured shipping.

music note metamorphose jsk, just gorgeous! has two small faint spots on the tulle on back of skirt, not very noticeable at all. could probably be spot cleaned, i just haven't tried. i wore this jsk once. detachable sash and satin bow on front. skirt is separate part. $140 (because of the spots).

swimmer sequin piano jewelry box. it is lined in purple satin so it didn't have the dust problems that the other boxes did (no flocking). in great shape, $35.

swimmer perfume bottle wooden jewelry box, $25. in very good shape!

hello kitty mushroom plush box. super cute! it's a little dirty on the bottom because I put it on top of a brown leather box for a while, sorry. $14.

big enid "high fashion glamour doll". $25. she has some marks on face which might come off with a magic eraser. comes with box, ray gun, club, mask, and glasses.

licca 1940s fashion story. she's so cute but not my style. brand new out of box, originally about $70 - i sell for $60 with insured shipping. she comes with a stand.

shirayuki momoko - will come in original stock WITHOUT APPLE OR MIRROR. in excellent condition, i actually just got her recently. sells from about $135 new in box, so i will sell her for about $115 with insured shipping. comes with stand.

twilight fiance momoko, i broke her pearl necklace, but she will come with all the rest of her original stock and her stand. limited edition momoko with real eyelashes, originally $130. i sell her with insured shipping for $110.

girl's end momoko, limited edition with real eyelashes. she's just gorgeous. SHE WILL NOT COME WITH ANY STOCK. she will come in a random outfit. originally around $170, i sell her for $135.

fruits of passion momoko, really cute with freckles! comes with all original stock/stand, in perfect condition. originally $135, i sell for $110 with insured shipping.

maroseica st. j-doll - i took her hair down, so she will look like the picture with the big curls. i actually think she looks better in her stock with her hair down! i relaxed the curls a bit with hot water. originally $85, i sell for $70 with insured shipping.

josephsplatz j-doll - she WILL NOT COME WITH ALL STOCK. her boots, belt, bag, heart necklace, bracelet and top are all missing. she will come with other pieces. she is a bit harder to find than the new j-dolls, so i sell her for $70 with insured shipping. she has a butterfly tattoo on her arm!

hangry dal, will come in blue dress shown, NOT original stock. in great shape! $80 with insured shipping. comes with stand and card.

cornice pullip, will come in blue sweater and black pants, NOT original stock or other outfits shown. she's in good shape, but her hair needs to be conditioned. $70 $65 with insured shipping, will come with stand and card.

zombuki pullip - this is eva, the first one (modeled after america's next top model when they were in japan). she will come in the RE-MENT KIMONO shown above. $200 with insured shipping.